Episode 293 Scott Adams: Antifa Terrorists, Caravan, Guns, Healthcare, Mueller


  • Oil prices are crashing, more bad news for Iran
  • Election recounts and election fraud
  • CNN notes that Fox News invasion stories have disappeared
  • Fox News seems to label their news vs. opinions better than CNN
  • President Trumps opponents fear things he might do…but hasn’t
    • A brilliant persuasion tactic by the President
  • Zero chance we won’t find out anything bad that Mueller finds
    • If it matters…we will eventually know about it
  • Suggestion: Appoint a “budget judge” for Mueller’s team
  • Out of the box gun safety thoughts:
    • If you own a gun, you must about join the NRA
    • The NRA is all about gun safety
    • App to report gun risk people
  • Why can’t there be 2 separate healthcare tracks?
    • Public system and a competing private system
    • Easily tested systems, no need to guess which is better
  • Medical apps using your phone to test EKG, blood tests, more
    • Self-healthcare possibilities are coming fast

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