Episode 640 Scott Adams: The Hockey Stick Graph, RBG, Biden Gaffes, The End of Reality


  • Brain scanning will SOON be able to pre-determine your decisions
    • At 100% accuracy…what will happen to belief in “free will”?
  • Steve Cortes, CNN contributor…seen him on CNN lately?
    • He dismantled their “Fine People” HOAX, a little TOO good
  • SCOTUS RBG statement about her diagnosis and current condition
    • Interesting choice of words, did the treatment work or not?
  • Joe Biden continues adding gaffe to gaffe
  • Michael Mann’s climate change “Hockey Stick Graph” LOSES in court
    • Tim Ball wins the case because…
    •      …Mann REFUSED to release his data for court confirmation
  • Bill Maher says strong focus on environment and he’ll vote for Trump
    • Bill IS a rare individual, capable of changing his opinion
    • Gen 3 and Gen 4 nuclear power plants can accomplish that
  • Fentanyl MAJOR BUST at Mexico port, it was headed for America
  • CAN we just abandon the China market?
  • Prediction: There will NOT be a China trade deal during Trump Admin
  • Mocking the Outrage Theatre actors
    • People pretending to be outraged on behalf of other people
  • PragerU court case discovery would make Google algorithm’s public 
    • Will Google release the algorithm or settle the case?
  • Sending a child to public school is close to CHILD ABUSE
    • Influence from other kids of really bad stuff in public schools
    • In 30 years…public schools will no longer be a thing

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