Episode 1028 Scott Adams: I Help You Calculate Reparations, CHAZ Updates, How to Fix Everything That is Broken

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  • CHAZ community concepts and racial strife
  • We now know…all our trusted institutions are corrupt
  • Our foundational crisis is a broken news business
  • A preference for victimhood
  • Whiteboard: Everything Wrong With the World Right Now

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Episode 553 Scott Adams: Why President Trump Will Win 2020 in HUGE Landslide

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  • Odd thing happened, is it evidence of shadowbanning?
    • Anthony Scaramucci is following me on Periscope…again
  • Woman running for President…is an candidate ADVANTAGE
  • African-American running for President…is a candidate ADVANTAGE
  • Philippine President Duterte says he “used to be a little bit gay”
  • Fake news filter success: Too On the Nose, NK negotiator still alive
  • Tim Pool setting up a fact checking rating system for journalists  
  • President Trump complains about CNN being only US news in UK
    • CNN is hurting the US and our foreign policy…INTENTIONALLY?
  • AOC retweets a Medicare-For-All chat by Rep. Pramila Jayapal
  • Amazon home kit for $20K
    • Prediction: In next 20 years, kit homes will be very big deal
  • My car…understands me, loves me…is merging with me
  • Predictions and Thoughts: The world 80 years from now
  • Prediction: 80 years from now, everything will be better than today