Episode 567 Scott Adams: Limpet Mines, Flag Burning, Brainwashing, UFOs, Reparation H


  • Someone convinced Kevin Williamson that brainwashing isn’t real
    • Our opinions are mostly “assigned” to us, Kevin’s also
    • TDS and politics are both examples of effective brainwashing
  • Guest: Tom Sauer, US Navy EOD Veteran and expert
    • Tom’s thoughts on the Iranian tanker and the Limpet mines
  • Dr. Saphier and the HRA story…better WH communications needed
  • Joe Biden…A ”steady leader” for America
  • Does President Trump believe in UFOs?
  • Reparation H” Kamala’s funny nickname
    • Kamala believes in the “Fine People” HOAX and reparations
  • Candace and President Trump’s American flag burning position
  • OJ Simpson wishing people “Happy Father’s Day”…is SO WRONG

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