Episode 616 Scott Adams: Racist Don Lemon, Racist Voters and Trump Derangement Syndrome


  • Where are Biden voters going as his numbers drop?
  • Kamala acts like she doesn’t believe she belongs in the Oval Office
    • Her voice and mannerisms project lack of confidence
  • Don Lemon’s interview of Pastor Bill Owens…digging HARD for dirt
  • RDL Don Lemon stating his opinions as facts
    • If Don Lemon BELIEVES something…does that make it a fact?
  • “Nobody wins a trade war”…really? What’s the alternative?
    • In the past, we INTENTIONALLY accepted unfair (to us) deals
    • Is it time to stop propping up other countries at our expense?
  • Inner city problems are a SYSTEMS issue
    • Existing systems prevent money and resources from helping
    • Bill Pulte, is effective because his SYSTEM is effective
  • Most current problems are SYSTEMS and DESIGN problems

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