Episode 1882 Scott Adams: Can Republicans And Incels Join The LGBTQ? Why Not? Let’s Discuss


  • Thomas Massie vs Amtrak CEO
  • Jordan Peterson’s critics
  • My best and worst predications
  • Republicans and Incels…LGBTQRI?
  • Amazon Studio’s inclusivity statement
  • Putin and possibility of nuclear war
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Episode 614 Scott Adams: The Democrat Debate, Open Borders and Whatever Trouble I’ve Caused Lately


  • The left is having a seriously bad identity crisis
  • Reviewing the Democrat candidate performances from last night 
  • WSJ article mentions my help debunking the “Fine People” HOAX
    • Weren’t CNN people embarrassed?
  • How many things do Democrats believe…that are HALLUCINATIONS?
  • Bernie says they need to push big ideas that aren’t practical…
    • …in order to beat President Trump?
    • Are Democrats allowed to admit that?
  • Trevor Noah’s clarity in observing what’s tripping up the Democrats
  • ZERO mention of Russian collusion during a 3 hour Democrat debate?
  • Controversy update: WhenHub’s Interface App for witness source info
    • NYT and WaPo articles both mention the controversy
    • News organizations exist because they can monetize disasters

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