Episode 38: Kanye’s Desalination Tweet

  • Kanye takes things up a level and demonstrates the high ground maneuver
  • Imagine if the world focused on tech that makes a difference

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How to Spot a Wizard

    Over the past few weeks I have presented to you an alternative filter for understanding your world. I make no claim that this filter is a true version of reality, if such a thing even exits. I offer this filter for entertainment only. The fun is seeing how well it fits the data and predicts the future.

    According to my Moist Robot Hypothesis (that we are programmable meat) and paired with the Master Wizard view of the world, one can imagine a world in which all the big changes in society are engineered by a handful of living wizards at any given time. The wizards, in this context, have learned the rules of hypnosis and persuasion. This knowledge gives them access to the admin passwords for human beings. And they use it.

    Today I will tell you how to spot a wizard, if such people actually exist. Look for these clues:

    1. The wizard succeeds in a high-profile field without the benefit of as much talent as you would expect should be necessary. (This is the biggest tell.)

    2. People seem to have an irrational hate for the wizard that is not entirely explained by the wizard’s actions. Regular readers already know these unusual reactions are signs of cognitive dissonance. Wizards induce cognitive dissonance often, without trying.

    3. Look for an inflated ego combined with an unusually strong ability to withstand withering criticism. (Wizards get a lot of criticism.) The common view is that wizards are egomaniacs. In reality, the wizard works hard to remain ego-free, and hence can handle criticism well.

    4. Wizards are often more ambitious, and often more aggressive, than you think is normal.

    5. One or more major PR disasters define the wizard’s history.

    6. The wizard has a gift for simplification.

    7. Observers detect a reality distortion field.

    8. Wizards have an ability to succeed where other fail by changing the entire game as opposed to winning at the existing one.

    9. Wizards use words to create images and emotions in people’s minds.

    10. Wizards seek public attention.

    The wizard filter on the world isn’t necessarily true in some objective sense. The fun is seeing if the data and predictions fit the filter.

    For example, I see the early history of America as a handful of wizards manipulating world events. And I believe they were aware of their powers.

    And I see Trump as a modern wizard who is baffling the media because he is playing three-dimensional chess on their two-dimensional chess board. Trump is talking directly to people’s subconscious. Everything else he says is just a carrier signal.

    Someone asked me about Kanye West and his hilarious statement that he would someday run for president.

    Ridiculous, right?

    Except that Kanye is a wizard. 

    I spotted him several years ago, and blogged about his genius then. He’s the real deal. And he absolutely has the tools to become president if he makes it a priority.

    Consider the reaction you are having right now to the idea that Kanye West could be president. Your reaction (plus the fact that he is a legitimate genius) is what tells you he can do it. At least according to my filter.

    Oh, and he’s a musical superstar who admits he can’t sing well. How did that happen, you ask?


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