Episode 697 Scott Adams: The Hypnosis Coup Gains an Admiral, Kurds in the Way, Doral G-7 Summit

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  • All Middle East ceasefires guarantee certain “news” stores…
    • A hospital was bombed
    • Chemical weapons were used by the bad guys
    • Dead children and innocent civilians
  • Admiral McRaven’s NYT op-ed supports hypnosis coup efforts
  • Mulvaney’s point about the Ukraine accusations
  • Kamala Harris campaign accidentally did something right…
    • …They quickly corrected the mistake
  • Trump’s Doral Resort selected for next G-7 summit
    • “Setting the table” and the home field advantage
  • President Trump’s letter to Turkey’s President Erdogan
    • Was the letter an effective threat?
  • What’s the internal thought process of Twitter’s sadistic trolls?

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