Episode 711 Scott Adams: The New Trump Campaign Ad, dilbert.com Blocked in China, #Shampeachment

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  • dilbert.com reportedly blocked in China?
  • Amazon orders for my new book, Loserthink
    • OLDER orders cancelled for lack of inventory
      • …and NEW orders are still being accepted?
      • My publisher is investigating
  • Elizabeth Warren’s plan to pay for her Medicare for all proposal
    • Is it REALLY fiscally impossible?
  • President Trump, new campaign commercial
    • The gist…he sure gets things done!
  • #Shampeachment call witness, Tim Morrison…nothing illegal
  • Is China harvesting organs from Uighur prisoners for huge profits?
    • Advertisements for “organs on demand”
  • President Trump moving from high tax NY to low tax Florida
  • Dr. Michael Baden’s autopsy conclusions on Epstein death

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