Episode 314 Scott Adams: The New and Hilarious Climate Change Report, Schumer’s SCOTUS tweet


  • Dire report from Government on climate change…isn’t
    • Financially and science challenged CNN
  • “80 years from now” projections for economy and climate change
  • Remediating hurricanes by reforesting the Sahara
  • President Trump vs. Chief Justice Roberts
    • President says judges are politically influenced left or right
    • Justice Roberts says judges are neutral
    • Schumer tweets about partisan decisions by Justice Roberts
    • Schumer’s “cognitive blindness”, as he agrees with Trump
  • 3 components of government?
    • Reality: Supreme Court is now a component of Presidency
    • Left/Right tally pre-determines outcomes
  • Rate of 9th circuit court decisions overturned by Supreme Court 
    • Is that misleading because of “selection bias”?
    • What’s the influence of “court shopping”?
  • Hillary’s take on European immigration handling
    • Did she agree with Trump on European immigration…
    • …so she doesn’t have to agree with him on US immigration?
    • What RATE of immigration causes social unrest?
  • Chinese Muslim population (the Uyghur) internment camps
    • They’re treating Islam like a virus needing isolation
    • Are thoughts and ideas dangerous, like a virus?
  • Assimilating immigrants into your society without social unrest

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