Episode 525 Scott Adams: Drinking Coffee With You and Taking Your Questions


  • Democrat troll, Vic Berger’s behavior appears horribly abusive
    • Attacked Mike Cernovich’s wife and child
  • Gilead’s MAJOR donation of AIDS drugs to US for the poor
    • Only Washington Examiner shows up in Google search?
    • Is coverage being throttled, suppressed? 
  • China trade negotiations
    • Is this a stock buying opportunity?
  • Kamala’s lawyerly boring tweet
    • Nothing she does, feels genuine
  • 20 years from now…what will they say about President Trump?
    • Will they say nobody was better?
    • Most transparent, most persuasive, best rally speaker?
    • Gifted deal maker, friendly while negotiating HARD?
    • Delegitimized the FAKE NEWS industry?
      • Raised awareness they’re an enemy of the people?
  • President Trump accuses John Kerry of Logan Act violations
    • Kerry says he’s just “keeping in touch” with Iran
      • Does that sound even slightly honest to anyone?

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