Episode 296 Scott Adams: Wildfires, The Tucker Test, Forgotten Black Voters, SNL, The Abortion Ad, Broward


  • “Bad forest management”, President Trump vs. Alyssa Milano
  • Should it be illegal to report how segments of the population vote?
    • Reporting creates an “us vs. them” frame
    • Reporting sides, causes people to take sides
  • Boxes of votes keep getting “found”
    • CNN correctly reports no proof of voter fraud, true, but…
    • Fox and conservatives say look at all the suspicious stuff
    • Suspicious stuff isn’t proof of crime, just like Russian collusion
    • Why do all the found votes always favor Democrats?
  • Are Democrat run things less competent than Republicans run things?
    • Republicans are more system process oriented, follow rules
    • Democrats are more goal oriented, less rules oriented
  • SNL had Crenshaw on for “free punch-backs” at Pete Davidson
    • Dan Crenshaw brought respect for veterans in his appearance
  • Pro-Choice commercial, my view…it’s fake IMO, from a mole or hoax
  • “The Tucker Carlson Test”
    • IF an article doesn’t include reasons, just links to the reasons
    • THEN the reasons don’t exist or are a misinterpretation
  • Mueller’s “dozens of sealed indictments”
    • What would he do if he possesses info that could cause a civil war?
  • Alexa, who is Scott Adams?
    • Some funny person changed Alexa’s response to be Scott Dale Adams
  • Macron statement about need for France to protect themselves from America
    • Fake news ignores that statement refers to cyber defenses

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