Episode 500 Scott Adams: The End of Reliable History Books


  • Biden going to Charlottesville to announce his candidacy
    • Does he REALLY not know…”fine people” was a hoax?
    • Biden is gaffe central, should be interesting 
  • Half the country thinks Mueller report is a roadmap to impeachment
    • How will history view that belief?
  • CNN would probably love to have candidate Buttigieg
    • But will they back him if they realize he can’t win?
  • What happens if…the WH healthcare plan is really good?
    • How would the media and the Dems react?
  • PREDICTION: WH healthcare plan will be better than people imagine
  • Concerns that President Trump isn’t tough enough on Russia
    • Would our responses be public or visible?
  • North Korea impasse situation
    • Chairman Kim doesn’t want to give up nukes first
    • US doesn’t want to offer anything till they get rid of nukes
  • US and NK agree on the destination…PEACE, only the path is an issue
  • North Korea suggested solution – Shake the Box
  • US could offer to protect NK militarily from Russia
    • Redefines the situation, gives Kim something to show
  • Writing and publishing tips and insights

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