Wheelchairs in Space

    The other day a friend suggested building orbiting space stations for folks with mobility problems. Wheelchairs and walkers are optional in zero gravity. Grandma could fly around the space station all day long.

    Gravity is a real drag here on Earth. I can imagine millions of seniors and folks with mobility problems preferring the free-floating life on a space station.

    Cost is an issue, obviously. But wealthy retirees with mobility problems might gladly shell out a million dollars for a flight to the station. Over time, costs will drop. And insurance companies might start writing space station retirement policies. Perhaps you would buy the space station insurance when you are young, in case you need it later.

    At some point in the future I imagine it will feel cruel to leave folks with mobility issues here on Earth. 

    This future feels inevitable, although it might be a hundred years away. What do you think?

    —— In other news ————-

    Drone package deliveries are coming soon, and Amazon is only one of the players. How long before criminals invent drones that shoot down delivery drones and take their payloads? I give it five years. Then it will be war up there.

    And soon your doctor will have a holographic image of your guts so he can really see what’s going on in there. This feels about two technologies away from making human doctors unnecessary. Once I have a holographic scanner at home, and a robot to do surgeries, I will detect my own tumors and have my robot remove them. What could go wrong?

    And how about a battery that charges in one minute and won’t catch on fire? It might be coming soon, but Elon Musk says be skeptical


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