Episode 471b Scott Adams: Continuation of Episode 471a


  • Betsy DeVos cut Special Olympics from the education budget
    • Is there better use of limited funds for special needs kids?
  • Monroe doctrine, stay out of our hemisphere, Russia?
    • Russia’s obvious counterpoint…get out of their hemisphere
  • Cell phone experiment: turn off notifications and ringers
    • What you miss live, will it make any difference to you?
  • WhenHub’s Approach app allows you to see and track meeting arrivals
  • Who is the real problem, the media or President Trump?
    • The media, because of the way they cover the President?
  • If climate change is real and doom is imminent, who’s to blame?
    • Now the media “experts” want us to believe climate change?
    • The media “experts” have been completely wrong for 2 years
  • Joe Biden’s creepy behavior video clips
    • People who will vote for him will NEVER see those clips
  • Adam Schiff isn’t fooled by Mueller clearing President Trump

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