Episode 597 Scott Adams: Bubonic Plague, Mind-Reading British Diplomats, Chat With @CarpeDonktum


  • Guest: @CarpeDonktum, famous meme maker meets the President
  • Carpe shares his experiences, President trump, the White House
  • The “regular” press annoyance with President Trump’s guests
  • President Trump’s “presence” in the room, and his natural energy
  • Untold prosperity versus…bubonic plague, the two sides are far apart
  • WSJ again pushes the “fine people” HOAX in an opinion article
    • Disappointing from such a distinguished paper

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Episode 165 Scott Adams: Meeting President Trump (without details of course), Don Lemon Tweet


  • What it was like, to meet President Trump
  • President Trump’s charisma levels are off the chart impressive
  • Dumbest guy on television, the Don Lemon tweet


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