Episode 335 Scott Adams: Paying for the Wall, The Cohen Nothing and White Supremacists


  • Russian advanced level robot with person inside
  • President Trump’s fun tweet about Mexico paying for the wall
    • Does his improved version of NAFTA cover the cost?
    • Or is it “just” a much better deal for us for trade?
  • North Korea building a railroad from north to south
    • People are working on the reunification north/south want
    • No threats, no building missiles or lobbing them in our direction
  • Gavin McInnes says there are very few actual white supremacists
  • Whiteboard: Racists I Hate
    • How many supremacists exist today, does anyone know?
    • Is the number vanishingly small and getting even smaller?
    • However bad we used to be, we’re making progress
  • CNN mind-reading headline says President is “seething” over Cohen

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