Episode 318 Scott Adams: The Steep Drop in Racism, Climate Change Reporting and Human Shields


  • CNN top headlines today, racism, racism, racism
  • SPLC tracks racism organizations and events…
    • …but NOT the number of racists?
    • SPLC business model incentives
  • If it wasn’t for the news…would you think racism is rising?
    • MSM is profiting from promoting racism
  • CNN using children as “human shields” for their reporting
    • Kids in cages
    • Now it’s the lady with kids and tear gas in background
  • The good news about climate report…
    • The GDP will increase 700% in 80 years, with a 10% pullback
    • Why isn’t any major news organization picking up on that?
  • Fentanyl/China leader, Xi Jinping, unable to stop Fentanyl problem?
    • China and Xi Jinping, no longer deserve respect
  • Why can’t we duplicate human intelligence in a computer?

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