Episode 320 Scott Adams: In the Wrong Time Zone Talking About Trump’s Pardon Talk, His Jail Tweet


  • President Trump mentions possible pardon for Manafort
    • Concept: Never willingly give up your options
  • Meme depicting President Trump’s enemies behind bars
    • That’s a “brushback pitch” to clarify M.A.D. exists
  • Anti-Trump media says…
    • Inappropriate for POTUS to discuss enemies possible crimes
    • Media doesn’t want focus to be on the possible crimes
    • Media focuses on appropriateness of POTUS behavior
  • Saudi Arabia’s perspective on Yemen
    • U.S. might pull out of support for the Saudis
  • Roger Stone’s rep is that he’s full of crap and unreliable
    • The perfect defense for accusations he said an untruth
  • Gene editing in FentanylChina
  • Fake memory creation by anti-Trump prosecutors

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