Episode 744 Scott Adams: Troll Attacks, Loserthink in the News, Bottom Circle People, Lisa Page

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  • Civility on the internet…and insulting trolls
    • Who’s giving the trolls their marching orders?
    • Troll themes: kids in cages and Stephen Miller
  • Senior correspondent from Vox favors going after Trump voters
    • Shunning people socially for what he considers bad opinions
  • Is Rob Reiner crying for help, signaling a mental health problem?
    • “Countless impeachable offenses”…really?
  • Whiteboard: A Hate-Based Political Philosophy
  • Zack Kanter’s economic blindspot
  • Democrat’s Voter Shaming Project
  • Mexico’s gigantic gun battle with cartels, 21 dead
    • Are Mexico’s cartels a Chinese proxy military force?
  • Iranian and Hong Kong public unrest…is it a Trump effect?
  • Lisa Page “insurance policy” texts, prediction update
  • If Kamala can’t fire her sister…she’s unqualified for Presidency
  • Jerry Nadler’s panel are drawing up articles of impeachment
  • Ukraine’s President Zelensky says AGAIN…
    • …there was NO quid pro quo implication
  • Joe Biden’s finger nibbling and hairy leg talk

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