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    This is a test of my goddamned fucking piece of shit blog software to see if it can do the simple fucking task of showing a fucking image on the fucking screen without puking down its own mouth.

    Well, that didn’t work on Chrome but did on Firefox.
    Now for an image known to work on past blog posts…

    That image worked on Chrome and Safari. Now let’s try an image the exact size of the one that doesn’t work and see if the file size matters.

    That image works on Chrome and Firefox. So it’s not the file name, the file type, or the file dimensions that matter.
    But each of the robot strips started with the same file template. Next I will copy the content to a fresh file and try again…
    First let’s try a new and fresh template with no added content. This is the one I use for the Dilbert strip every day.

    Okay, now the blog CMS is failing at every turn. It’s deleting files on its own and won’t give me a preview before publishing. I suspect poltergeist or possibly Russian hackers.

    Oh, look, it displayed the same file twice. This is because my blog software is possessed by demons. But at least it worked on all browsers.  Now let’s try copying and pasting some content from the files that don’t work into this fresh template and see what happens.

    Whoa, what the fuck? I can’t load this same image above if I paste even a small bit of art from the robot strip into it.

    Trying again with different content….

    Okay, that image (the boss pasted into the blank template) failed on one browser. Next I try the same image but lower resolution jpg to see if file size matters…

    And that failed.
    So the problem is not the file name, the file itself, the file size, the file dimensions, or the content of the file.
    Next I’ll try saving as gif …

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