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That Time I Tried to Watch a Video on the Internet

That Time I Tried to Watch a Video on the Internet

    About ten times a day I see a link on the Internet to a video clip that looks interesting or newsworthy. I usually click that link because apparently I am incapable of learning from experience.

    As you know, videos on the Internet sometimes crash your device. Sometimes they start but never play to completion because of traffic loads. 

    Sometimes there is no video to be found at the end of the links. 

    Sometimes intrusive ads disguised as videos create too many decoys and I give up searching for the real one on the page.

    And sometimes the video clips start with ads that are longer than my attention span. I bail out after 5 seconds of nothingness to get on with my life.

    People say videos on the Internet are awesome. I hope to someday see one. Have any of you ever seen one? Do the images move the entire time, like television?

    If this image is blocked by your company firewall, see it on Twitter here, then change jobs.




    On Top Tech Blog:

    Soon your eyeglasses will be able to read your emotions. That’s more than I can do already. I hope those glasses never learn to pretend they are interested in what you are saying because that’s my only remaining advantage.

    And how about a smartphone attachment that can see your DNA? That could come in handy because I like my women with a little extra neanderthal in them and I don’t want to be disappointed later.

    A new camera can record frames so fast that someday my video security system will be able to see the Human Flash rummage through my refrigerator when I am asleep. I know he’s down there, but so far he has gotten away with it. No more!


    What has two thumbs and wrote a book that is an ideal gift for graduates? This guy.

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