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The Air Comes Out of the Anti-Trump Balloon

The Air Comes Out of the Anti-Trump Balloon

    In January of this year, President Trump’s critics were marching in the streets because they believed he was about to go full-Hitler. Or maybe he was just crazy, and about to do something dangerously stupid. 

    Today their biggest complaint is that President Trump hasn’t shared his tax returns with the public.

    How’s everything else looking?

    The economy? Looking good.

    North Korea? Looks like China is on our side. Good sign.

    Syria? Those Tomahawk missiles were downright “Presidential”

    Illegal Immigration? Already down 70% from Trump’s persuasion alone.

    Supreme Court? Gorsuch is respected and qualified, even if you don’t like his ways.

    Healthcare? No one said it would be easy, but the focus and energy are in place to get something done eventually.

    Tax reform? Too slow for the country’s taste, but observers expect something good to come out of it. That’s why business optimism is high.

    Climate change? Anecdotally, it seems to me that the debate has evolved from mindless bullying of non-believers to a lower confidence in both the climate models and the economic models (which are not science). That seems like a step toward clarity.

    Generally speaking, if your critics are reduced to complaining about what might be in your tax returns, you already won.

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