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The Attention Contest

The Attention Contest

    Let’s test the business model I described in yesterday’s blog. If you would like some attention, write a 500 word or less opinion, product review, humor, interesting true story, how-to, hypothesis, peeve, or anything else you believe is worthy of attention (except fiction), and put it in the comments to this blog. Give your work a title. At the end of your piece, and clearly separated from the work, give yourself up to 50 words of credit, advertising, marriage proposals, or anything else you want to plug. That’s your payoff.

    You have until 5 pm Friday PST to complete your assignment. Other readers will vote your piece up or down, and I will read as many of the entries as time allows, focusing on the highest rated ones.

    Consider your audience. Your work has to appeal to the folks you assume would be reading this blog in the first place. It also has to appeal to me. So be funny, or fascinating, or tell me something I didn’t know.

    On Monday I will announce the winner and reprint that piece in my post. I might even edit your writing if that seems necessary.  I won’t necessarily pick the work that gets the most votes here, as we all understand that votes can be somewhat rigged. But I will use the rankings to narrow my search.

    I’ll delete submissions that are more advertisement than submission, or inappropriate for any other reason.

    My prediction is that there won’t be a huge number of entries. Only the people who feel they have a legitimate chance of getting a high rank are likely to put in the effort. I think you’ll see some truly interesting stuff.

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