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The Cat’s on the Roof

The Cat’s on the Roof

    I saw in the news today that The United States is going to withdraw most of its military forces from Afghanistan. Okay, the news didn’t say that in so many words. But they did say, “The cat is on the roof,” which means the same thing.

    Allow me to explain “The cat is on the roof” to those of you who are unfamiliar with the joke. It goes like this: Bob goes on vacation. He asks his moron brother to take care of his cat. After a few days on vacation, Bob calls to say hi. The moron brother blurts out “Your cat is dead.”

    Bob is beside himself with grief. And he chastises his moron brother for breaking the news to him in such an abrupt manner. The moron brother asks how he could have done it better.

    Bob explains “Well, for example, you could have told me the cat was on the roof. The next time we talked, you could say the Fire Department is trying to get him down. The next time, you could say the cat fell during the rescue and was in the veterinarian hospital. The next time I called, you could say the cat succumbed to his injuries and passed away. That way I would be prepared for the bad news.”

    The moron brother says he understands. Then he adds, “Oh, by the way. Mom is on the roof.”

    With that in mind, I saw in the news that Prime Minister Gordon Brown is warning Karzai to clean up the corruption in the Afghan government or else Great Britain will withdraw its forces.


    That’s the “cat is on the roof,” as clear as I have ever seen it. Obviously Afghanistan isn’t going to get rid of corruption. That gives Great Britain an honorable reason for withdrawing, which I assume they have already decided to do. Once that happens, Obama will be forced by public opinion to do the same, leaving behind some terrorist-hunting forces only.

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