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The Coolest Thing You Own

The Coolest Thing You Own

    What’s the coolest thing you own? And by coolest I mean the object that makes you just a little bit happy every time you think about it, but not because of any sentimental value. Maybe it looks cool, or it works really well. You decide.

    This isn’t an advertisement, in case you wondered, but my coolest object until I decided to write this post was my Dymo LabelWriter 400 Turbo. When you want to label an envelope, you just fire up its software, open its address book, point to your selection, and it spits out a clean little perfect label. It even makes the most satisfying little bzzzzzzt as it does it.

    This is a bigger deal for me than it sounds because I’m not good at writing addresses on envelopes by hand. It bores me so profoundly that I drift off and start writing whatever happens to be in my head. I start off with an address and end up with a grocery list. I’ve killed a lot of envelopes that did nothing to deserve it.

    Back to my Dymo LabelWriter: It doesn’t need ink cartridges, and a roll of labels lasts me for a year. It set up easy and it worked every time. Well, until I decided to write this post. Now it doesn’t work at all. It just sits there with one blank label protruding like an insolent tongue. It mocks me.

    Yes, I did all of the obvious rebooting and plugging and unplugging. I guess it just died from being too perfect.

    I was caught off guard by its sudden demise and I have no succession plan. My BlackBerry is broken. My DVR and TV remote are both random. My car is garbage. My thermostats are secretly controlled by poltergeist and nothing else quite qualifies as cool. So I turn to you.

    Tell me the coolest object you own. Again, you decide what cool means to you.

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