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The Demolition President

The Demolition President
    President Trump has delivered on a number of promises for his base. But there was an impressive amount of breakage along the way. You might say he President Trump did as much demolition as he did construction. The press is doing a good job of telling us what he accomplished in 2017. But they keep leaving out all the stuff he broke that probably needed to be broken. I’ll fix that for you here.

    GOP – Trump broke the GOP and reconstructed it along his terms, successfully it seems.

    DNC – The DNC has no charismatic leader, no game plan, and little money.

    Clinton Dynasty – Done

    Bush Dynasty – Done

    Mainstream Media – The public learned that news coverage is based on bias as much as fact.

    NFL – Ratings down, attendance down.

    If President Trump were a large piece of construction equipment, which one would he be?

    FBI (leadership) –┬áThe FBI as a whole is still highly credible, but the leadership is not.

    Pundits – Nearly all the pundits were wrong about Trump’s nomination, election, and successful (by Republican standards) first year.

    Government Regulations – For good or bad, we have fewer regulations now.

    Hollywood – Big stars are alienating 40% of their potential audience whenever they take time off from groping.

    North Korea – They used to have a pathetic but functioning economy. That situation is changing rapidly.

    ISIS – Remember ISIS? They used to be a big deal.

    TPP – Pulled out

    Paris Climate Accord – Pulled out

    Reality – I told you in 2015 that candidate Trump would change more than politics. I told you he would change the way we saw reality. Do you remember when you thought the news reported facts and that humans used those facts to make reasoned decisions? You probably don’t think that anymore.

    I’m probably leaving out some stuff that got broken. It’s been a busy year.

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