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The Future Is Winged Monkeys

The Future Is Winged Monkeys

    It looks as if scientists will one day be able to manipulate genes to create super humans. I hope it happens soon.


    The thing that most interested me is the ability to borrow features from one species and embed them in another. I can’t wait to get my tail and wings. Flying monkeys got a bad reputation from The Wizard of Oz, but I can’t think of a cooler way to go. Obviously I wouldn’t wear the bell hop costume, or even pants. But that’s okay because I would be covered with fur, everywhere except for my genetically enhanced giraffe-style genitalia. I’d be giving up something in terms of aerodynamics, but you have to make tradeoffs.

    I think most people would want to have wings if they had the option. But it would be a mistake to choose the form factor of a bird. You want to go with the monkey design for your fuselage so you get the gripping hands and feet. You don’t want to have giraffe-style genitalia and nothing but two scratchy feet and a beak. That’s just asking for trouble.

    The most exciting part of this wonderful future is that when you can fly, the whole world is your toilet. You might want to avoid any homes that have anti-winged-monkey artillery, and there might be a lot of that in the future, but everywhere else is fair game.

    Some people might manipulate their genes to become smarter. I think that’s a mistake, especially after you become a winged monkey. The smarter you are, the more easily bored you will be. I want to be happy all the time so I’d trim 40% off my IQ and get some new hobbies such as collecting rocks that are roundish, or running for Congress.

    Well, I can dream.

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