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The Iranian Nuke Deal You Don’t Understand

The Iranian Nuke Deal You Don’t Understand

    So, the U.S. and Iran agreed to a nuke deal that looks to many observers as if we might be terrible negotiators. But we have no way of knowing what the secret side agreements are. And one assumes there are a few.

    Have you noticed that the Israeli lobbying efforts on this topic seem uncharacteristically toothless? The media is acting surprised. You rarely see such a strong lobbying group coming up short. Kind of a mystery.

    On a totally unrelated topic, the Saudis (our buddies in the Middle East) finally found the terrorist who bombed a US base in Saudi Arabia two decades ago. That was an Iranian-backed plot, the news reports.

    That terrorist hid well for twenty years. Iran probably knew where he was. They backed him, so they probably had some sources back to him.

    And now he has been caught. By the Saudis. Interesting timing.

    My guess is that Iran is a full military ally of the United States now (give or take some backstabbing both sides expect). But no one can say out loud that we’re working together. That wouldn’t help anyone. 

    My reasoning for not objecting to the Iran nuke deal is that I don’t know what the deal is. Neither do you. The good stuff is the secret stuff. (I hope.)


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