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The Judgy Bubble

The Judgy Bubble

    I might be one of the least-judgmental people on Earth. That’s because I see humanity as a bunch of moist robots bumping around according to the laws of physics. My worldview doesn’t include free will as anything but a necessary illusion to keep people sane. I never believe people “choose” to be evil or socially unacceptable.

    I say this sort of thing often, and that means people quickly identify me as someone who can hear their deepest secrets without judging. And so I do. And that means my view of the world is far different than your view because I have access to what might be called the “judgy” layer of life. I hear the stuff that judgy people don’t hear. And as a result, I see people as equally “flawed” in terms of how society judges such things. Normal? It isn’t even a thing in my experience.

    Now let’s say you are a judgy person. Let’s say you hold the view that there is something called “normal” behavior. Your observations support your world view because people act normally around you. People who know how judgy you are hide their freak flags. And that would form a bubble of misinformation for you to live within. Judgy people experience life as a play that is staffed by actors, not real people. Even your friends and family might be trying to avoid your judgy ways by presenting themselves as phony normals. 

    When a judgy person asks what you did over the weekend, you probably stick to the basics and say you mowed your lawn and had a barbecue. But if I ask the same question about your weekend, I might hear exciting stories of drug deals, orgies, and crimes against nature.

    I was thinking about this because I know a couple who are the most judgmental people I have ever known. I can’t imagine sharing an honest opinion with them, and I’m sure no one else does either. As a result, the two of them have created a weird bubble of misinformation from which to view the world. For all practical purposes, they exist in a parallel universe where they are “normal” and the rest of the world continues to worsen.

    Do people consider you judgy? If so, everything you know about people is probably wrong because people don’t trust you with the truth.


    In Top Tech Blog:

    – Airless tires are here. Just in time, because I was afraid we’d use up all the air in our tires and I would suffocate.

    – How about a steering wheel that bugs you to stay awake? If that isn’t a good argument for self-driving cars, what is?

    – And a bike helmet that needs to be made by Apple but isn’t yet.

    Have I mentioned my book?

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