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The Mark Cuban Factor

The Mark Cuban Factor

    Mark Cuban has hilariously inserted himself into the presidential race. In one of the most canny moves of our age, he suggested he was open to being VP on either Trump’s or Clinton’s team, as long as they changed to agree with him.

    And that won’t happen. Can’t have the tail wagging the dog. So Cuban is out of the picture for anyone’s VP choice. But it sure makes good TV.

    (Sanders is not an option for VP for the same reason. Can’t have the tail shaking the dog.)

    Trump and Clinton have insane unfavorable ratings, and they both earned them. Cuban isn’t dumb enough to conflate his reputation with either one of them. But he’s being typically brilliant by acting as if it is an option. The media and the public are eating it up.

    Full disclosure: Last year I did opine that Cuban would be a great running mate for Trump. But that was about ten outrageous Trumpism ago. Trump is too toxic for Cuban’s brand at the moment, and Cuban says as much.

    The real play for Cuban, I assume, is to prep the public and the media for his future run at the top spot, once the idea of a brash billionaire as president seems like normal business. Maybe in four years. Maybe eight. He’s raising his name recognition now, to keep his options open. Smart.

    I often talk about systems being better than goals. Cuban is playing a system. He wins no matter what happens, simply by raising his profile. He could run for president next time, or simply enjoy the attention and all that it brings to him in the business realm. Fame is power. Power makes money. He’s making a smart play.

    And there’s even a chance Cuban can persuade one or both of the candidates to change their policies in some useful way. That’s always worth a try.

    As a citizen, I’d like to see both Trump and Clinton agree to let Cuban come up with an immigration plan that isn’t racist and isn’t stupid. So far, we’ve only seen those too options. Cuban could sort that out.

    Let’s see what he can do. I’ll help too. (I can be persuasive.)

    Is it just me, or does this election seem like a turning point in citizen involvement? I feel as if a Trump presidency would make me more likely to pitch in on some national problem or other. An entrepreneur as president (Trump or Cuban) would make me feel as if any good idea was in play, no matter where it originated. I have never had that sensation before.

    Does anyone else feel that?

    For more on systems being better than goals, see my book. And if seeing it isn’t enough, I hear good things about reading.

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