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The Periscope App

The Periscope App

    If you haven’t used Twitter’s Periscope app, you might want to check it out. It projects you into people’s personal lives – their homes, their work, or their public events – in a way that is intimate and sort of amazing. It is all live and instant and free.

    Last night I was watching the lunar eclipse through a number of personal phones on the East coast while excited moon watchers did play-by-play. The video itself was poor, but simply being part of the action was exciting. Likewise, I just watched Trump’s tax speech live because someone on his team fired up Periscope from the audience. 

    I started doing some live Periscope broadcasts and plan to do more. Sometimes I will be at my desk, drawing and asking for ideas. Or I might be in my man cave answering your questions.

    The app is free. Just download it and follow me on Twitter and Periscope at @ScottAdamSays. You will get an alert when I go live, according to no particular schedule.

    I don’t have a financial interest in Periscope. I just think you will like it. If it seems like 99% of the content is bad, remember that is also true of television and music as well. It takes a while to find what you like.

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