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The Shirtless FBI Guy

The Shirtless FBI Guy

    Perhaps you read the so-called “news” in the United States that an obsessed FBI agent sent a photo of himself, shirtless, to a married woman who is connected to the story of General Patreus and his extra-marital affair. That’s what I call a story! Sex, power, wow!

    Days pass. Now a lawyer for the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association explains that the photo was in a larger context of the two families who have been social friends for years sending joke photos to each other on a regular basis. The picture in question showed the agent humorously standing between two firing-range dummies that I assume were also shirtless.


    I hate it when context ruins a good news story.

    But wait, there’s still hope. Do you trust a lawyer whose job description involves manipulating the truth? Or do you trust the free press whose mission is to bring you accurate and useful news?

    I’m going with the lawyer on this one.

    But I give the free press credit for turning a bunch of nothing into two interesting stories. The first story was the salacious tale of an obsessed stalker in the FBI. The second story was the correction in which the FBI agent is revealed to be just a family man with a good sense of humor. I’d like to be on that FBI agent’s joke list. The firing-range picture actually sounds funny.


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