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The Smart Missed Shot

The Smart Missed Shot

    In the game of pool, sometimes the best shot is the one you miss on purpose. Toward the end of the game, it’s important to manage the position of balls on the table and wait for a clean opportunity to run the last three or four. That sort of strategy is why Herman Cain will be the Republican nominee for president.

    Perry is self-immolating. Bachmann is too scary. Romney has the Mormon issue. And he’s an android, obviously.

    That makes Cain the smart miss. If Cain runs against Obama and loses, Republicans will still come out ahead by appearing to be less of an elitist white male club. They need that if they ever want to win another presidential election. And Republicans would get to blame Obama for what will likely be another four years of economic pain no matter who is in charge. With those conditions in place, Republicans could run a stuffed deer for President four years later and win.

    But let’s not assume Cain would lose against Obama. Cain is Christian, likeable without being scary, made his money the hard way, the media loves him, and he would peel away some of the African-American vote from Obama. That’s a strong package.

    At some point soon, the Republicans with deep pockets will realize that with Cain they can win if they win and win if they lose.

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