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The Wikileaks Persuasion You Missed

The Wikileaks Persuasion You Missed

    Do you remember when Wikileaks first started releasing the hacked emails from the DNC? Julian Assange told us the good stuff was coming later. Then some more emails were released, but still no good stuff. Just stuff. 

    But the really, really good stuff was coming, Assange assured us. Not this next release perhaps, but soon. Just wait.

    And then it never came. There was no good stuff in those emails. There was plenty of little stuff. But nothing that moves elections.

    Time passes. Memories fade.

    If you were to ask the average voter whether the Wikileaks made a big difference to the outcome, many would say yes. But that’s probably a false memory triggered by Assange assuring us that big stuff was coming. We remember him telling us that. So it must have happened, right?

    You can test for this false memory on your own. Ask a coworker or family member if they think the Wikileaks email releases made a difference to the election. If they say yes, ask which email topic in particular was the bad one. Then enjoy the magical sound of crickets.

    The most likely outcome of that conversation is that your subject will try to conflate the Wikileaks emails with Clinton’s unsecured server issue. Let me know if that happens when you try it.

    You have to give Assange credit for this persuasion. He made the public remember something that didn’t happen.

    You might recall that i predicted that the emails released by Wikileaks would be a big nothing. But what I missed is that Assange turned that nothing into a something in our memories by making us remember that something big was coming. Even though it didn’t. That’s good persuasion.

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