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    As regular readers know, I believe that the most likely explanation for our existence is that we’re holographic computer simulations created by humans who came before us. And we don’t appear to be randomized. It seems as if there are clear themes to every life, as if we are programmed that way.

    For example, one of my themes is that most of my technology is defective. Here’s a sample just from today:

    Fax machine receives but doesn’t send

    DVD drive on computer doesn’t recognize discs

    DVD player puts white spots on movies

    DVR freezes and locks on every recording

    Movie editing software I just purchased is too slow to use

    Fedex website is unfathomable

    TV has a bad color wheel

    Postal meter needs a battery

    Computer backup (new) slows my system to a crawl all day

    Wireless router doesn’t work

    Computer keeps locking up

    Can’t get rid of an ad that keeps popping up on new laptop

    Old laptop stopped working months ago

    Blackberry won’t sync with my Outlook address book

    Car has a warning light on the dashboard that the dealer can’t turn off
    This blog software doesn’t let me do numbered lists

    It has always been this way for me. It’s a theme. And speaking of themes, check out the Dilbert themes for igoogle


    Look how I cleverly worked that in. Anyway, my point today is that you can often predict the future from themes. If you had done a poll two months ago and asked people to predict how Michael Jackson would die, I think many of you would have nailed it.

    If a young Kennedy someday runs for president again, I think we all know how that will end too. The only mystery is whether it will happen by gunfire or in some sort of flying, floating, or roadway mishap. And I will go out on a limb and predict there would be rumors of infidelity.

    Another theme is financial bubbles. While there are no obvious bubble candidates on the horizon, I predict there will be another one soon. That’s simply a theme.

    You can try this at home. Pick a theme and make a prediction of the future. I will add another prediction that some of you will complain about the crass commercialism in this post.

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