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Then You Own the Bank (part of my Trump Persuasion Series)

Then You Own the Bank (part of my Trump Persuasion Series)

    There’s an old saying in business: If a bank gives you an average-sized loan, the bank owns you. But if you take out a gigantic loan, you own the bank. 

    Trump only takes out gigantic loans. 


    Is it because he is an egotistical clown who goes big no matter what the situation deserves?


    But consider that going big also has the advantage of being the smartest possible thing you can do at his level. And it works almost every time for an operator with his skill. 

    Consider Trump’s relationship to Fox news. The other candidates took a small loan from Fox, and by that I mean they played by the rules. Trump took out a big, risky loan by going at them hard. Now he owns Fox.

    Consider the Republican party. Trump’s challengers are trying to show how well their opinions fit the party platform. Trump says he will make the party platform fit Trump, much the way Reagan redefined the party in his time.

    Let me give you a fresh example of how that absurd situation could happen. I am told Trump just promised he would not cut Social Security. That seems at odds with the Republican vibe of smaller government. Seems like a risky promise for a Republican candidate.

    Here’s how Trump can get away with it, and no one else in the race can. And here is how he redefines the Republican party at the same time, while barely trying.

    All Trump has to do is take the same approach he used with the Iran deal: “I’m a deal guy. Social Security is a deal with seniors. End of story.

    That is a high ground maneuver of the highest order. He would be untouchable.

    The party would have to circle around the platform concept of being deal-keepers. That seems to be the common thread in the Trump philosophy: Make the best deal you can, then keep it. Otherwise, who wants to deal with you next time?

    Who runs against that idea and wins?

    Note:  I remind new visitors that I am not smart enough to know who would do the best job of president. All of the candidates seem competent to me. My interests are in Trump’s persuasion and negotiation skills. 

    [Update: This article in Slate,

    by Jim Newell, about Trump’s strategic brilliance is a good read both for the writing and the content individually.]


    P.S. Wait until I tell you how Trump will use hypnosis to solve ISIS. He already started. Experts say you can’t kill an idea. Experts are wrong. 

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