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Thinking Past the Sale – Trump Persuasion Series

Thinking Past the Sale – Trump Persuasion Series

    Trump issued a series of five tweets in quick succession as a response to the controversy over the Obama-birther guy at the Trump event.

    Why five tweets?

    I assume the two-dimensional chess pundits will tell you it is a sign of desperation from a campaign that was always destined to flame out. Sure looks like a guy grasping at straws, right?

    Maybe it is.

    The Master Wizard Hypothesis has another filter on this. According to this way of thinking, Trump just made you think about which of several reasons you will choose to agree with him.

    He made you think past the sale.

    And to get there he said at least one, maybe two, things you agree with. That’s pacing. It is a tell.

    On the Master Wizard scale, this was an A+ performance in engineered persuasion. Will it be enough?

    Depends what the Master Wizard in the White House does next.


    I remind readers that the Master Wizard Hypothesis is for entertainment, not enlightenment. Truth is at a different URL. All we are doing here is seeing how well the data fits the hypothesis, especially for predictions. This is just for fun. And yes, I am forcing the data to fit the hypothesis. That is the whole point. You should do the same with whatever hypothesis you prefer as an explanation of Trump’s success so far. Then compare. None of this should be confused with science.

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