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    On December 2nd Dogbert stepped down as CEO of Dilbert’s company and was replaced by a dried-up corpse. At about the same time, GM was announcing that CEO Fritz Henderson was stepping down and being replaced by 68-year old Ed Whitacker.

    Here’s my comic to refresh your memory:


    And here’s a picture of Ed Whitacre:


    The timing was just a coincidence. My comic was drawn and submitted several weeks before the GM announcement. But as coincidences go, this is a funny one.

    Another coincidence is that Dilbert was created when I was working my old day job at Pacific Bell, a company that Ed Whitacre later absorbed when he was CEO of SBC. I left before the merger, but one could make a case that Ed Whitacre was Dilbert’s CEO. Sort of.

    Kidding aside, Ed Whitacre is probably a good choice for tough job. 68 is the new 50. And I don’t believe he takes prisoners. It should be interesting.

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