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Today I Help You See the Future

Today I Help You See the Future

    Today I will poke a little hole in your 2D filter and let you see the third dimension, where the future is sometimes as clear as the present.

    As most of you know, I predicted every step of Trump’s rise since August, as well as the decline of his opponents, while showing my work all the way.

    And yet you still don’t see the coming Trump landslide that I have predicted. So watch me freak-the-fuck-out-of-you by showing you the future. 

    This is how it will work.

    I’m going to point you to a link in a minute. You will read the link. And by the end of the short article you will see the future with Trump winning over 65% of the vote in the general election. You will see it as clearly as you see the present.

    Remember all the things you have learned about persuasion while reading this blog. Let your reason go. It was never useful for predicting the future. 

    And remember:

  • Identity always beats analogy
  • Analogy always beats reason
  • Reason beats nothing
  • Now read this article and see the future unfold.

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