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Tony Robbins Explains How to Beat Trump

Tony Robbins Explains How to Beat Trump

    If you have been following my Master Wizard Hypothesis series, you know I called Tony Robbins the best hypnotist in the world. His job is motivating people to improve their lives, and apparently he is amazing at it. His persuasion skills trace back to famous hypnotist Milton Erickson, same as mine. Robbins has added lots of layers to that learning, but his understanding of how people are influenced is similar to my world view, and probably quite different from yours.

    Many of you have asked me how to design a Linguistic Kill Shot that would take out Trump. I keep saying I don’t know how, because his defenses are so solid. His Trump persona can shake off almost anything.

    But what does Tony Robbins think? Business Insider asked Robbins how Trump’s opponents can beat him. Listen to Robbins’ answer and tell me who he expects to be our next president.

    Convinced yet? 

    Oh, and I forgot to tell you I wrote a book that is relevant to the topic of our Moist Robot selves. 

    Update: If you want to boost your blog traffic, try posting about Taylor Swift, followed closely by a post on how to keep Trump out of the White House. Traffic just spiked hard.

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