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    In the old days you married whoever was nearby and willing. Today you have a greater chance of marrying someone who shares common traits. I wonder how this selective breeding will shape humans of the future.

    We’re already seeing this to some degree. Athletes often have parents who are both athletes. And geniuses generally have two parents that were inclined in that direction. IQ and athleticism are two obvious categories, but I wonder what other, less heralded traits will get exaggerated in the generations to come.

    For example, religious people will continue mating with religious people, and atheists will seek out other atheists. By default, that leaves the agnostics to mate with each other. Will this group create babies who have an unusually hard time making decisions? Or on the positive side, will that group be unusually open-minded?

    People who enjoy wine tasting are finding each other, and often mating, in numbers that never would have happened a hundred years ago. I assume this group has a more refined sense of taste and smell than the average person. Will they create babies with super senses?

    I started thinking about this after reading an article about one researcher’s hypothesis about the increase in autism rates. I stress that I don’t think his hypothesis will pan out, but his line of thinking is fascinating. He noted that children of engineers are somewhat more likely to be autistic, and then observed that because there are more women in high tech jobs, you have more kids spawned from techie couples. Again, I don’t think this link to autism will hold up to testing, but the line of thinking is interesting.

    What other traits do you think will become exaggerated in the future?

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