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Trivial yet Awesome

Trivial yet Awesome
    This will be my most trivial blog post of all time, and that’s saying a lot. Yet, for some small number of you, it will be totally awesome. The topic is clothes hangers.

    My old method of closet management involved using any sort of clothes hanger and leaving it on the closet pole-thing when not actively holding an item of clothes. This presented a few problems.

    1.      It’s hard to find the naked hangers when you are putting the clean stuff back in the closet.

    2.      When you select a shirt and pull it out, it takes with it several naked hangers that end up on the floor.

    3.      Naked hangers get tangled up.

    The solution is twofold. First, I invested in all wooden hangers. They don’t tangle up as much. Second – and this is the genius part – I put a wicker basket on a closet shelf to hold all orphaned hangers until they are ready to be put back into the rotation. Here’s a picture of my solution.

    Now, I realize 95% of you either have your own solutions for this problem or you didn’t know it was a problem in the first place. But 5% of you just slapped your foreheads and updated your Christmas lists. (Dear Santa – Bring wooden hangers and a wicker basket.)

    I’ll get back to fixing the entire world later. But I thought it was important to sort out this hanger thing first. You’re welcome.

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