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Trump and Godwin’s Law

Trump and Godwin’s Law

    The media is having a hard time wounding Trump. The attacks keep bouncing off. Looks like they stepped up their game today.

    Here’s the SHOCKING story of how Trump once owned, or still owns, a book of Hitler’s speeches. It was a gift from a friend. Trump admits it and names the friend. The friend confirms he gave it to Trump.

    I’m sure the friend meant well. Trump is a master persuader, and obviously Hitler was too. I’m thinking of picking up a copy for the same reason that I assume the friend thought Trump would be interested. Trump says he did not read it. I’ll bet that is true, but only because his skills are already at that level. There wouldn’t be much for Trump to learn. And it seems kind of a downer.

    To put things in context, a book of speeches from Kennedy, Reagan, or Dr. King would have been good gifts as well. And for the same reason. But less of a downer. So what we have here is a case of a very shitty gift-buyer.

    The media, or some of it, is looking for a Trump kill shot. When Hitler’s name enters the mix, you know all the other ammo is already gone.

    Look for LOTS more Hitler comparisons. Until it all seems silly.

    I think you have seen a bunch in my comment section already.

    And the press continues its slide to irrelevance.


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