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Trump Linguistic Kill Shot Alert!

Trump Linguistic Kill Shot Alert!

    Master Wizard Hypothesis Mode: ON

    This just in … Trump is calling Fiorina “very robotic.”

    How clever is that?

    Let me count the ways.

    Half of you just thought about Botox injections, didn’t you. 

    Trump never said anything about Botox, and he clearly said Fiorina’s ACTIONS were robotic, not her looks. Specifically, Trump says she repeats the same memorized lines like a robot.

    But I’ll bet many of you heard the word robot in relation to Fiorina and automatically thought of her stern, unsmiling face. Can that robot smile, you wonder? Does it have feelings like people?

    Trump got that association in your mind for free. With total deniability.

    This linguistic kill shot works on another level too. Remember my post about Obama, the Master Wizard, winking at Trump so hard it made Trump change his campaign slogan to “greater”? Obama did that to nudge Trump off his game, basketball-style. Obama leaned into him and put him off balance. Trump recovered, but you know it got into his head, as intended. 

    Now we see Trump do the same basketball-style lean-in on Fiorina. When Trump called attention to her memorized performance he forced her to choose between changing to an uncomfortable new style or be ridiculed as a robot.

    Once again, Trump has found a fresh word with no baggage in the realm of politics, yet the word is quotable and current. And it puts into language what you were probably feeling in a vague sense. It made your feelings real.

    See a pattern yet? If so, you are seeing the Master Wizard Hypothesis come to life before your eyes.

    If not, you may continue to believe Trump sprays random insults in every direction because he is a big, dumb, rich jerk. You could be right.

    Unless there’s a pattern. And it keeps working.

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