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Trump Makes Univision do the Perp Walk

Trump Makes Univision do the Perp Walk

    Could I love the man more? No. I could not.

    I don’t know how Trump will perform as president, but he sure entertains.

    If you are following my blog series on Donald Trump’s persuasive genius, you have to see this master stroke from today.

    The set-up is a press conference in which a reporter for Univision asks Trump a potentially damaging question about his immigration plan. Here’s what you have to know to understand the scene:

    1. Univision cancelled Trump’s Miss America Pageant over his comments about illegal immigrants. Univision and Trump are enemies.

    2. The reporter is famous in Mexico and perhaps among Spanish-speakers but would be somewhat unknown to most American viewers.

    3. The reporter is on record for being deeply critical of Trump.

    4. Trump had not called on the reporter, and that starts the video off.

    Given what I have taught you in past posts, view the video and separate out the impact of the visuals versus the “story” the media is putting on it. And remember that the visuals are about a 10-to-1 impact compared to text. Trump plays the visuals. Always. That’s part of his wizardry.

    It seems the press will be reporting the “story” as Trump being inappropriate at a press conference in some generic ways that will not register as particularly important to anyone.

    Now consider the visuals. Trump remained calm, put the reporter in his place, and eventually nodded to security to lead the protesting reporter out while cameras followed the entire episode.

    Trump, that magnificent bastard, made his enemy do the perp walk on International TV while appearing 100% in charge of the situation.

    Yeah. You can’t beat that. No accidents are happening here.

    And do you know what his core supporters saw? They saw Trump deport that Mexican reporter right out of the room, metaphorically. Those other candidates are talking about immigration but Trump has already started. Remember we are not talking about anyone’s rational thinking. These sorts of images sneak through your rational defenses.

    And Trump sent a message to the rest of the press, which helps to keep them nervous during future interviews. That’s how a world-class negotiator does it. He makes the other person less confident. Throws them off their game. And apparently he decided some collateral damage in the press would delight the viewers. I know I appreciated it.

    And on some level every person watching that episode was happy they did not have to endure another round of gotcha outragism as one “news” outlet after another rushes to take Trump’s words out of context. Trump’s show was far more entertaining.

    And he did all of that spontaneously. (As far as you know.)

    Does the boring candidate EVER win?

    I remind you I am not endorsing Trump. Most of the candidates seem qualified to me. I am only a fan of Trump’s persuasion methods.


    If you like my Trump posts you would almost certainly like my book on systems versus goals. Trump is a systems guy. He isn’t that rich by accident.

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