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Trump Prediction about the Wall (Master Persuader series)

Trump Prediction about the Wall (Master Persuader series)

    Prediction: Watch for someone in Mexican politics to publicly agree with Trump that Mexico might pay for some part of increased border security.

    Then watch that turn into a pundit battle about what that actually means.

    Does it mean pay for the entire wall?

    Does it mean Mexico already pays a lot for border control, and this is just business as usual?

    Is paying for some of the wall enough to say Trump was right?

    That’s when you will start hearing the word “landslide” a lot more. 

    Update: Some of you wondered about the reach of this blog. Here is an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal that quotes me and the Master Persuader filter. What’s missing is a mention of my 100% track record for Trump predictions. That’s the part I PREDICTED WOULD BE IGNORED

    Wrap your head around that: I got nine-out-of-nine predictions (ten if you count my prediction that Michael Moore’s protest would not catch on) and that record is not the top headline in every publication? The Master Persuader filter predicts that my feat can’t be processed by normal brains. (Obviously my regular readers with their abnormal brains can see it fine.)

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