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Trump: The “Bad System” Linguistic Bayonette

Trump: The “Bad System” Linguistic Bayonette

    “Bad system” is a test balloon.

    Watch what happens to that phrase in the next 24 hours. If it gets quoted a lot (more than this blog would explain) it will be lethal.


    Big Picture move: Fix the money, fix it all.

    Who agrees with him that the system is bad? Every human alive. Even the lobbyists doing the bad.

    And “system” is a fresh word. Notice he uses fresh ones, or in this case an underused one. That lets you control its content. No leakage in the way of reminding people of unrelated things.


    I’m almost positive that the other candidates are going for 55% of the vote. Trump is going for them all. Watch what happens with his VP pick and his immigration plan. I have never seen a chess board so well set. (A big part of that is luck, obviously.) But look for some surprise flanking moves on his problem topics.

    I remind you that this blog is for entertainment. I am making predictions based on Trump’s persuasion skills so you can compare the Master Wizard hypothesis to the Lucky Clown consensus in the media. See which one fits the data better as we go.

    In any event, looks like we have a systems guy competing against goals people. I say systems usually win whenever the contest is long and the variables are many. We have plenty of time to find out.

    Someone should write a book about that. I mean someone else. I already did mine.

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