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Trump’s Language Skills Analyzed

Trump’s Language Skills Analyzed

    Here’s a great video about Trump’s language skills and persuasion. I love the approach and the analysis. But I point it out for your ongoing education about cognitive dissonance and how to spot it.

    When you watch the video, look for this tell:

    1. Author says Trump is intentionally using language in a way that is far more effective than his opponents. Author shows evidence that it is an intentional pattern, not an accident. And he acknowledges that Trump’s language style works great.

    2. Author concludes that Trump is “not smart.”

    Donald Trump, graduate of Wharton’s business school, builder of empires, master of several different domains, and probably the next President of the United States is “not smart” based on the evidence that his intentional speaking pattern is more effective than the competition. 

    Did you see it?

    In the old days you would have concluded that the author of the video is an idiot. But clearly he is not, because his work shows both talent and high intelligence. This is as clear a case of cognitive dissonance as you will ever see. And it is a totally normal process for a normal brain. You and I are not excluded. So don’t get cocky 🙂

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