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Trump’s Persuasiveness – per the Washington Post

Trump’s Persuasiveness – per the Washington Post

    This article in the Washington Post describes Trump’s persuasion skills as a function of his energy and big ideas. Or, as the article says, people respond to narcissists.

    Look how hard some parts of the media are trying to push a narrative in which Trump’s success is not related to anything Trump is INTENTIONALLY doing unless that thing happens to be wrong.

    He’s an outsider (without trying), and people love that.

    He’s a narcissist (without trying), and people love that.

    He’s is a hater (without trying), and other haters love that.

    I wonder what how big Trump’s landslide needs to be before the media recognizes that influence is a real skill, intentionally applied by Trump at every turn.

    I remind new readers that I am not smart enough to know which candidate would be the best president. I write about Trump because his persuasion skills are the best I have ever seen.

    Bonus Update: Carly Fiorina is criticizing Hillary Clinton for proclaiming during the first Democrat debate that gender is an important criteria for a desk job. At least that’s how I heard it. See this post where I described Clinton’s gender strategy as career-ending. If you were concerned about a Hillary Clinton presidency, you can stop worrying about that now. Fiorina’s attacks are a glancing blow, but when Trump picks up that stick, don’t expect him to stop swinging until he has the landslide election victory I already predicted. 

    Based on Clinton’s strategic mistake about gender, I predict Trump will get the support of more than 50% of women in the general election. Remember, Trump has a stellar record of promoting women in his own businesses. He wants that comparison. Imagine Trump saying, “Hillary promotes women too. For example, she hired that major security threat.”

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